(45-60 min Keynote / 60 min - half-day Training)       

A uniquely engaging 'zen-flavored' leadership training or keynote presentation.  Students learn to apply the ancient martial arts principle of aiki (harmonization) to modern leadership challenges. The art of Aikido teaches how to blend with and then redirect the energy of an attacker - a perfect metaphor for peacefully and effectively 'taking on' the issues of today's campus leader.  

​​Available as a (45-60 minute) Keynote or as a highly interactive 60 minute to half-day training where students safely practice techniques with each other (a terrific team-building experience!) and learn:

     - The E,B,C's (Enter, Blend, Control) of Conflict                                   Transformation and Relationship Harmony.
     - To formulate a service-based philosophy of leadership via

        'The Butler's  Mantra.'

     - Simple, effective techniques and practices for improving                 mindfulness.'

“Tommy is not only funny but insightful. He makes you see life in a different light – living in moments, in the now.”
- Student Life Administrative Assistant, California State University
“He brought life experience and humor into a life altering presentation. It’s really interesting how he can make a great change in my perspective in such a short time!”
- Residence Hall Honorary, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

“Your approach is great! Your stories helped me to put my stories into perspective. Thank you!!”
- ASCC Club Coordinator, Clark College
“Amazing inspirational moments. Great application of personal stories back to a practical and general use for anyone and everyone.”
- Student Body President, The College of Southern Idaho

Answer:   Me: (age 21-29)

“Thanks for making the seemingly impossible possible.”
- Associate Dean of Students, Graceland University
“The ability to step back and realize the magic of every moment is very important and you helped the audience come to that point of realization.”
- Student Body Vice President, University of North Dakota
“Very motivational for personal life and for making me want to inspire others on my campus to get involved and making the most of their school experience! Thank you!”
- President of Campus Clubs, Utah Valley State College

​Tommy's Programs


So, my first decade after college was a litle bit...crazy.

question: What does everything below have in common?

“You have a great ability to keep the audience captured and engaged. I especially like the different modes used during the presentation. Your personal stories help to make the audience connect with you.”
 - Dean of Student Affairs, Mesa College
“Very moving – appropriate use of comedy, connecting with audience was natural, felt honest!”
- Alpha Gamma Delta Productions Coordinator, Mercer University
 “Very interesting, fun, gave me a lot of perspective on my life and where it is going. I know the info presented here today, I am going to use to change my life. Carpe Diem!”
- SGA Senator, Central CT State University
“I related to the story of your life. It’s encouraging to know there is someone out there who has gone through similar things as me and to know that no matter what, life does work out. Thanks for the inspiration.”
- SGA Vice President, University of Virginia

​About Tommy

Past appearances include: 



"Awesome presentation, awesome dude! The students were so inspired and motivated."

                                  ​- Student Development Coordinator, Oakland Communty College (4-time client) 

With a writer's care of words and a veteran performer's stage presence and charisma, Tommy Nugent blends inspiration, instruction, humor and heart to teach audiences how to break through to the power of 'right now,' let go of past hurts and missteps and consciously create a successful life-story Moment by Moment.

A professional speaker since 1998 and the writer/performer of seven solo comedy-theater shows since 2002, Tommy has presented to live audiences totalling more than half a million people throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

He has authored two books, numerous articles and is an award-winning filmmaker.  He is also a long-time Zen student and second degree black belt in Yoshinkan Aikido.

The lessons of 'This Journey, This Moment' are powerfully applied to students' lives through this affecting 'intra-active' workshop where participants are taught the 'A.I.R. Matrix' and learn to:

   - Recognize personal strengths, weaknesses, and                           life patterns (Awareness)
   - Embark on a conscious journey towards their highest self-       realization

​   - Continuously improve performance while skillfully                     adjusting to life's changes (Repetition)

                                            (45-60 min Keynote)

Our lives are filled with all kinds of 'moments' - moments of hope and of doubt, stress and boredom, love and heartbreak, struggle and success.  Too often hurts from the past or anxiety about the future steal attention away from the richness and potential found only in This.Present.Moment.  

Using humorous and heartful stories from his award-winning solo comedy theater show to highlight important life lessons, Tommy shares strategies and practices for managing emotional and mental 'states,' and tuning into the Power of This Moment while maintaining calmness and confidence in the face of Life's challenges.